Be the Bull

A couple of weeks ago, I took a flight out to Gstaad, Switzerland with the team at Lovecars to promote a bespoke detailing brand. We also shot review videos on the new Porsche GT2RS and Lamborghini Aventador S for the LC website and YouTube channel.

An effortless commute to Geneva the night before our meeting with the client was a great setup to a brilliant day. Unbeknownst to me, the majority of Swiss hotels shut their doors after the ski season and do not open up again until the peak of summer! So we found ourselves basking in the sunshine of a large, empty car park of an equally behemoth hotel that was currently like a ghost town.


The clock ticked by and we all started to wonder if there had been a problem with the client getting to us or in fact, there was even a shoot to be had! But we were soon put at ease with the unmistakeable burble of a Bentley Continental GT Drophead arriving up the mountainside. We were taken to the detailing company premises where we were to further wait for the owner of the cars we would be shooting. A fair bit more time ticked by whilst we were informed the owner had in fact been bitten by his dog!


Once this had all been overcome and everyone was present, we were left with a few hours to spend with the cars and essentially, a free pass to produce what we pleased! We quickly sprung in to action, myself on the stills for the majority of the day and providing second camera for the video when needed.


A few blasts up Glacier 3000 was planned, with cameramen strapped in the back of the 'Rowdy' Audi being chased by the black beasts! Again, I shot the stills and gained a collection of frankly ridiculous shots. The snow-capped mountains of Gstaad, a brand new GT2RS and Aventador S providing the looks and the all-too-familiar violent symphony of roars, crackles and pops.


As we started to wrap up the shoot, the heavens slowly opened and began to drench us in the refreshing mountain rain, it was definitely time to call it a day! A truly memorable shoot and a great amount of content captured in such a short space of time! But when the team, cars, location and weather all come together, you have absolutely no excuse to produce the extraordinary.

More photos to come...

Audi A4 Quattro Super Touring

Strictly Business

Among any community of car lovers, the touring car series has a special place in every individuals hearts.

This was instilled into me even more when I laid eyes on this particular car for the first time. It's presence is profound and its performance is next level! A well known car in the circles it has been involved in, this machine was perfectly set up to hunt down every car in its class.

The shoot, as is often the case in the UK; was heavy rain throughout the day. But I did not let this dampen our spirits or get in the way of getting the shoot completed. Instead, I played with the idea of the car racing in torrential rain; adding another element and level of character to the car and shoot that is usually missed.

Ferrari 275 GTS/4 NART Spider by Scaglietti

Crown Jewel

23 million Euros can buy you a wealth of things, however few items could match the significance of this car.

One of only 10, this NART Spider was a joy to behold. As expected, complete concourse condition and attention to detail not before seen, it was truly an event shooting this car! On the same day, we were being filmed for a new BBC Worldwide documentary following the process of selling a car at auction and how certain elements are dealt with or overcome.

After we had managed to get the motion shots in the bag, the heavens decided to open and it was forecast to stay this way until the next day. I had to think fast and book a studio I have a good relationship with to get us in last minute to complete the shoot!

Roadtrip in a Porsche 917 Cayman S

When you least expect it...

We really wanted to hate this car. Let's face it, on paper a 4-cylinder Subaru engine in a Porsche? please.

But after our 48 hour roadtrip with this little gem, our opinions changed. We got up at the crack of dawn to hit the Eurotunnel at a good time and make tracks as soon as we could the other side, the car garnering a lot of attention as we did so. Mile after mile passed as we blasted our way to Spa-Francorchamps, our first destination.

Surprisingly, our backs were not beaten to dust and the drone of the 'wrong' engine was starting to sound... right. We made our way to the Nurburgring where we were staying and also paid a visit to the Eifel Rally which happened to be running at the same time. The roads between all of these places are petrolhead nirvana no less and we got to know the little Porsche very well.

A kick in the back, a drift; it never failed to disappoint. Hitting the Autobahn on the way back, it hit every one of its claimed MPH's to our surprise.

We wanted to hate it, we really did. But we couldnt help but come away from the adventure thinking it was a very real candidate for a daily driver.

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione 1 'Martini 5'

Trooping the colour

A car that needs no introduction, a true leader in its class; there is a reason these little rockets are always in high demand. Pin-point handling, active turbo and a chassis to rival any modern hot hatch; wrapped up in a unmistakable boxy character that is the Delta Evo 1.

This particular Delta I flew out to Italy to photograph for the client, extensively searching in the hills above where the car was situated to find the perfect location to bring the car to life.

Ford GT40

Maroon Marauder

An absolute monster in its dinner wear, don't be fooled by its elegant appearance.

It is safe to say it is hard to find a bad angle on the GT40, especially one that is not shouting about its status with a race livery and wide wheels. This particular car has always been a road  car and I absolutely love it for it's originality!

Jaguar SS100 Roadster

Angel of the North

Deep in the sweeping dales of North Yorkshire, this beautiful machine lay in a fantastic collection, waiting patiently for its close up.

I am always inspired when exploring around the breathtaking countryside the UK has to offer, especially Yorkshire and Scotland. Of course, when you have a car such as this to place within that already picture-perfect painting, it's hard to call and end to the shoot!

Ferrari 512 BBi

California Sunset

Regardless of the stretch of tarmac this car happens to be sitting on, it will be sure to command a wealth of attention.

It is no secret that finding a suitable stretch of road in central London with seemingly no other traffic on it is no easy task, but that is what this shoot needed. A very early rise and pre-planned location was in order to fulfill the brief.

Tom Giddenferrari, 512, bbiComment
Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Evolution 1 Group B

French Fancy

Speechless. The only way to describe how I felt the moment I stepped out of this car after being driven around the twisty mountains above Nice, France.

I had just called a wrap on the filming for the day but needed more sound clips to overlay later for the finished piece and of course; the footage I had captured was fast, tight and technical!

Porsche 911 Targa

Green Dream

The owner of this fantastic Targa had a no expense spared attitude to the restoration and maintenance of his prize possession. Needless to say, it showed.

This particular car was a cover shoot for Classic Porsche Magazine and the brief, although very loose; needed excellent motion for the cover and double page spread.

Bizzarrini P538

Thunder Strike

Initially, you notice the P538's distinctive design. Beautifully flowing lines met with harsh, abrupt vents and styling cues, a masterpiece. But what still rings in my ears to this day is the sheer brute force this machine screams across its immediate vicinity with the sound of its mighty V8.

This shoot was met with the worst kind of rain, patchy rain. The kind of weather that never lets you settle with a certain look, attempting to trip you up from shot to shot. A challenge I willingly accepted, working with the fantastic light and wet floors we were blessed with really gave this shoot mood. Running between each shot to wipe off the relentless rain, I was happy with the final result!

Tom Giddenbizzarrini, p538, v8Comment
Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe by Vignale

Devil of the details...

A car that is very rarely seen outside of a prestigious collection, I had the joy of shooting this particular 212 for its sale at auction.

Beautifully restored down to every nut and bolt, nothing was left untouched on this car to make it one of the absolute best. The colour scheme was an instant winner for me too, setting off the distinct lines of the car effortlessly!

Rauno Aaltonen & His Austin Healey 3000

Farewell Old Friend

To this day, one of my most memorable commissions in my career.

We reunited Rauno Aaltonen with the car he personally owned and raced for many years in period. A truly wonderful man with many fond memories of his car and events, along with a incomprehensible knowledge of how to drive a car fast on a loose surface!

This became particularly apparent when the time came to get Rauno behind the steering wheel once more. We assumed he would take it easy and get used to his car once more, but this was not the case. Instantly, Rauno went at the ice lake course full throttle as if no time had passed since he retired.

A few snow bank rescue missions later, we had the shots we needed for the film!

Bugatti Type 41

Indiana ITA

A car that had stayed within the same 5 mile radius in Italy all of its life, this car was in a fabulous unrestored condition.

Every panel and piece of trim had a story to tell and I really wanted to bring this across in the shots. Especially in my rig shots, where I found a track leading up to a perfect movie-set-type house.

Porsche 911's by REDTEK


This double-shoot was a great day. REDTEK had just completed their flagship car and wanted to pit it against a customer car as well as compare for the feature.

Cue a lot of hanging millimeteres above the road from the back of the company van whilst blasting down the very quiet runway we had rented for the day!

McLaren P1


The first McLaren P1 I had the joy of seeing and photographing was this evil machine.

A car that needs no introduction, I came away from the shoot adamant that it lives up to every little bit of its status. The definition of not only break-neck speed but looks too.

This was a sales shoot for the client so as well as capture all of my usual series, I wanted to be sure to also capture a variety of images that capture the sheer brute this car is.

DeTomaso Mangusta

Hot Ticket

A car so out of place in the industrial estates of the Midlands UK, but a challenge I happily accepted!

This car was a complete nut and bolt restoration and at the time, could not be taken too far from its home. So, after extensive scouting I found the perfect weathered wall to juxtapose the beautiful fresh orange paintwork.

Ferrari 250 PF

The 60's Executive

The 250 Ferrari is, for me, the ultimate design. The 250 bloodline boasts some of the most coveted collector classic cars you could ever hope to see/buy and it is easy to see why.

My day spent with this particular car only added to the reputation. Freshly restored and in stunning condition, it was a pleasure driving this car into position and listen to it burble away on idle.

It is safe to say, it did not hang about at auction!