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Roadtrip in a Porsche 917 Cayman S

When you least expect it...

We really wanted to hate this car. Let's face it, on paper a 4-cylinder Subaru engine in a Porsche? please.

But after our 48 hour roadtrip with this little gem, our opinions changed. We got up at the crack of dawn to hit the Eurotunnel at a good time and make tracks as soon as we could the other side, the car garnering a lot of attention as we did so. Mile after mile passed as we blasted our way to Spa-Francorchamps, our first destination.

Surprisingly, our backs were not beaten to dust and the drone of the 'wrong' engine was starting to sound... right. We made our way to the Nurburgring where we were staying and also paid a visit to the Eifel Rally which happened to be running at the same time. The roads between all of these places are petrolhead nirvana no less and we got to know the little Porsche very well.

A kick in the back, a drift; it never failed to disappoint. Hitting the Autobahn on the way back, it hit every one of its claimed MPH's to our surprise.

We wanted to hate it, we really did. But we couldnt help but come away from the adventure thinking it was a very real candidate for a daily driver.