Homebrew Hero


When a new project car is undertaken, we are all well aware of just how long it takes to build it. This is especially so when it is from bare shell to beautiful. Usually, many months, even years of toiling and spells of misery are endured to get that all important result at the end; to achieve a car that is undeniably yours.


Tim is one such fellow who has recently undertaken a complete transformation from a particularly rotten s14a shell with no running gear and making it into what you see here. You will have seen him before from my last and currently only other feature on my blog! 3 solid months of dedicated building after work hours were laboured to first repair the shell, then build the car from the ground up. Everything from the running gear to the subtle tweaks in the interior have been touched upon or fabricated by Tim himself, truly making a car that is entirely his own and creating a unique understanding of every nut and bolt of the car in the process.


Of course as with any project, the car is far from 'finished'. There will always be subtle changes in store for this car; for example it is due its third wheel change already! But there is one element that is a given, its time to enjoy the hard work put in and go skidding.

Tom GiddenComment