Wide Boy - The Auto Extreme R33 Skyline


Some cars just scream for attention, they cannot help it; the sheer presence certain cars hold when at a meet is unprecedented. That certain 'thing' that is incredibly hard to describe. Auto Extreme's wide body R33 Skyline is one such car. At a recent Eurospec open dyno day, I thought I would head over for some eye and ear candy in the form of high bhp, mostly japanese cars; but there was one particular car that I could not avert my attention from.


As I walked into the packed venue, I could not help but notice the scattering of modified cars parked in every conceivable place. People were also spilling out of the shop; eager to tell friends who couldn’t make it what their car had put down on the rollers, it was a great atmosphere. However, it took me a while to make it in to the place. Much like you would imagine an attractive female mugger, the R33 gave me a punch in the face, demanding my attention, not letting me take my eyes off of it. Every time you look away from this car, you catch a glimpse of something new that you missed before. A contour, an intake; it takes a while to take it in. When it came to the Skylines turn on the rollers, there was a distinct excitement present. Reading the liveries backwards as it reversed and sat snug in the rollers, the shop started to fill out once again to see the Skyline put down its numbers on the dyno.


I had braced myself for the volume of the car but it was to no avail. The noise was incredible and instead of it simply being a loud exhaust that sounds like a party flute creating the noise, it was the awesome RB25DET at full chat with flames spraying out from the screamer pipe and exhaust. It could barely be tamed on the rollers, the car trying to lift itself out and attack the packed crowd that had now formed. The noise this car produces is nothing short of addictive, there is nothing quite like the highly tuned RB screaming up the revs, laying down all of its 512bhp. Imagine what it would sound like to hear a swarm of bees attacking a lion and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark.


Although the Skyline has been made into a demo car to show for the company, it is not a show and shine trophy to simply hard park and trailer to events. The car still has that certain honesty to it, a personal, home brew touch that makes the car unique. Owning the car since June 2007 and acquiring it for a price that simply could not be refused, long hours and fettling in the garage have been spent to make it look and perform just the way they want and it has certainly paid off. The sheer presence this car has is phenomenal. Passers by cannot help but stop, watch and listen to it drive by and even get their phones out to snap it, turning the pavements into a spectators stand and the road in to a parade lap. The car really is like a celebrity, effortlessly drawing in attention.


The attention to detail on this car makes it what it is, for instance the wide body kit that really is the piece de resistance is not even meant to fit this car, but it has been modified and fitted so well and as I think you will agree, looks like it came out of the factory with this kind of fitment as standard. Another detail that cannot be ignored and, as Wayne describes, was the most tense part getting right, was the hole in the bonnet for the screamer pipe to poke out from. One slip and it would have been a costly mistake! Again, it has been done so well that it simply works and becomes a defining feature on the car, showing that all the hard work has paid off.


Auto Extreme never had the intention of buying the Skyline from the start. They have, and still own an S13 project, but from just looking at this and the buckets of character it effortlessly exudes, its damn good that they did.


Auto Extreme Cat Back Exhaust, Auto Extreme Downpipe, Auto Extreme Decat, Blitz Electronic Boost Controller, Apexi Air Intake, Z32 Air Flow Meter, Custom Intake Pipework, Garrett GT3076R Turbo, 6Boost Top Mount Manifold, Turbosmart External Wastegate, PowerFC ECU, Plazmaman Intake Plenum, Auto Extreme Intercooler, Auto Extreme Carbon Bonnet, Auto Extreme Carbon Boot Lid, Auto Extreme Catch Tank, Auto Extreme Radiators, Auto Extreme Silicone Coolant Hoses, Auto Extreme Engine Damper, Coilovers, Auto Extreme Wide Arch Kit (Customised to fit R33), Rota GTR-D Wheels – 18x9.5 front / 18x12 rear, GTR Seats re-trimmed in Half Leather

All parts on the car are available from Auto Extreme. They are official UK dealers of Blitz, HKS, Garrett Turbos, Turbosmart, Rota Wheels and many more product lines. Auto Extreme are also sole UK distributors for 6Boost & the main UK agent for Plazmaman.

Bonus Shot: Soapy before the shoot.

Bonus Shot: Soapy before the shoot.